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iTunes COM Interface Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_IITConvertOperationStatusEventsDefines the outgoing event interface of the IITConvertOperationStatus interface
_IiTunesEventsDefines the outgoing event interface of the IiTunes interface
IITArtworkDefines a single piece of artwork
IITArtworkCollectionRepresents a collection of iTunes artwork objects
IITAudioCDPlaylistRepresents an audio CD playlist
IITBrowserWindowRepresents the main browser window
IITConvertOperationStatusRepresents the status of an asynchronous convert operation
IITEncoderRepresents an iTunes encoder
IITEncoderCollectionRepresents a collection of encoder objects
IITEQPresetRepresents an equalizer preset
IITEQPresetCollectionRepresents a collection of EQ preset objects
IITFileOrCDTrackRepresents a file or CD track
IITIPodSourceRepresents an iPod source
IITLibraryPlaylistRepresents a library playlist
IITObjectDefines a source, playlist or track
IITOperationStatusRepresents the status of an asynchronous add or convert operation
IITPlaylistRepresents a playlist
IITPlaylistCollectionRepresents a collection of playlist objects
IITPlaylistWindowRepresents a playlist window
IITSourceRepresents an entry in the Source list (music library, CD, device, etc.)
IITSourceCollectionRepresents a collection of source objects
IITTrackRepresents a track
IITTrackCollectionRepresents a collection of track objects
IiTunesDefines the top-level iTunes application object
IITURLTrackRepresents a URL track
IITUserPlaylistRepresents a user-defined playlist
IITVisualRepresents an iTunes visual plug-in
IITVisualCollectionRepresents a collection of visual plug-in objects
IITWindowRepresents an iTunes window
IITWindowCollectionRepresents a collection of window objects
iTunesAppRepresents the iTunes application

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