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iTunesCOMInterface.idl File Reference


namespace  iTunesLib


enum  ITVersion {
  kITTypeLibrary_MajorVersion = 1,
  kITTypeLibrary_MinorVersion = 12
enum  ITErrors {
 iTunes-specific HRESULT error codes. More...


 importlib ("stdole2.tlb")

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ITErrors

iTunes-specific HRESULT error codes.

Enumeration values:
ITUNES_E_USERCANCEL  (0xA0040201) user canceled the operation

Note that Microsoft defines ERROR_CANCELLED, but this is a positive value. We need to use a negative value to force this to be treated as an exception.

ITUNES_E_OBJECTDELETED  (0xA0040202) the entity referenced by this COM object has been deleted
ITUNES_E_OBJECTLOCKED  (0xA0040203) attempt to modify a locked property
ITUNES_E_CONVERSIONINPROGRESS  (0xA0040204) attempt to start a conversion while a previous conversion is still in progress
ITUNES_E_MUSICSTOREDISABLED  (0xA0040205) access to the iTunes Store is disabled in the preferences
ITUNES_E_OBJECTEXISTS  (0xA0040206) an object with the same name already exists (added in iTunes type library 1.2)
ITUNES_E_PODCASTSDISABLED  (0xA0040207) access to podcasts is disabled in the preferences (added in iTunes type library 1.5)

enum ITVersion

The major and minor version of the iTunes type library. Use these constants with CheckVersion().

Enumeration values:
kITTypeLibrary_MajorVersion  (1) iTunes type library major version
kITTypeLibrary_MinorVersion  (4) iTunes type library minor version (0 for iTunes 4.5, 1 for iTunes 4.6, 2 for iTunes 4.7 and 4.7.1, 3 for iTunes 4.8 and 4.8.1, 4 for iTunes 4.9, 5 for iTunes 5.0, 6 for iTunes 6.0, 7 for iTunes 6.0.2, 8 for iTunes 7.0, 9 for iTunes 7.1, 10 for iTunes 7.4, 11 for iTunes 7.7, 12 for iTunes 8.1)

Function Documentation

importlib "stdole2.tlb"   ) 

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