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IITPlaylist Member List

This is the complete list of members for IITPlaylist, including all inherited members.

Duration([out, retval] long *duration)IITPlaylist
GetITObjectIDs([out] long *sourceID,[out] long *playlistID,[out] long *trackID,[out] long *databaseID)IITObject
Index([out, retval] long *index)IITObject
Kind([out, retval] ITPlaylistKind *kind)IITPlaylist
Name([out, retval] BSTR *name)IITObject
Name([in] BSTR name)IITObject
PlaylistID([out, retval] long *playlistID)IITObject
Print([in] VARIANT_BOOL showPrintDialog,[in] ITPlaylistPrintKind printKind,[in] BSTR theme)IITPlaylist
Search([in] BSTR searchText,[in] ITPlaylistSearchField searchFields,[out, retval] IITTrackCollection **iTrackCollection)IITPlaylist
Shuffle([out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *isShuffle)IITPlaylist
Shuffle([in] VARIANT_BOOL shouldShuffle)IITPlaylist
Size([out, retval] double *size)IITPlaylist
SongRepeat([out, retval] ITPlaylistRepeatMode *repeatMode)IITPlaylist
SongRepeat([in] ITPlaylistRepeatMode repeatMode)IITPlaylist
Source([out, retval] IITSource **iSource)IITPlaylist
SourceID([out, retval] long *sourceID)IITObject
Time([out, retval] BSTR *time)IITPlaylist
TrackDatabaseID([out, retval] long *databaseID)IITObject
TrackID([out, retval] long *trackID)IITObject
Tracks([out, retval] IITTrackCollection **iTrackCollection)IITPlaylist
Visible([out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *isVisible)IITPlaylist

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