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IITTrackCollection Member List

This is the complete list of members for IITTrackCollection, including all inherited members.

_NewEnum([out, retval] IUnknown **iEnumerator)IITTrackCollection
Count([out, retval] long *count)IITTrackCollection
Item([in] long index,[out, retval] IITTrack **iTrack)IITTrackCollection
ItemByName([in] BSTR name,[out, retval] IITTrack **iTrack)IITTrackCollection
ItemByPersistentID([in] long highID,[in] long lowID,[out, retval] IITTrack **iTrack)IITTrackCollection
ItemByPlayOrder([in] long index,[out, retval] IITTrack **iTrack)IITTrackCollection

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