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iTunesSourceCOM.idl File Reference


interface  IITSource
 Represents an entry in the Source list (music library, CD, device, etc.). More...
interface  IITIPodSource
 Represents an iPod source. More...
interface  IITSourceCollection
 Represents a collection of source objects. More...


enum  ITSourceKind {
  ITSourceKindUnknown = 0,
 Specifies the source kind. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ITSourceKind

Specifies the source kind.

Enumeration values:
ITSourceKindUnknown  (0) Unknown source kind.
ITSourceKindLibrary  (1) Library source.
ITSourceKindIPod  (2) iPod source (IITIPodSource).
ITSourceKindAudioCD  (3) Audio CD source.
ITSourceKindMP3CD  (4) MP3 CD source.
ITSourceKindDevice  (5) Device source.
ITSourceKindRadioTuner  (6) Radio tuner source.
ITSourceKindSharedLibrary  (7) Shared library source.

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