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iTunesWindowCOM.idl File Reference


interface  IITWindow
 Represents an iTunes window. More...
interface  IITBrowserWindow
 Represents the main browser window. More...
interface  IITPlaylistWindow
 Represents a playlist window. More...
interface  IITWindowCollection
 Represents a collection of window objects. More...


enum  ITWindowKind {
  ITWindowKindUnknown = 0,
 Specifies the window kind. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ITWindowKind

Specifies the window kind.

Enumeration values:
ITWindowKindUnknown  (0) Unknown window kind.
ITWindowKindBrowser  (1) Main browser window (IITBrowserWindow).
ITWindowKindPlaylist  (2) Playlist window (IITPlaylistWindow).
ITWindowKindEQ  (3) EQ window.
ITWindowKindArtwork  (4) Artwork window.
ITWindowKindNowPlaying  (5) Now Playing window.

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